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Vision and Mission


Lung Cancer Network Australia (LCNA) aims to empower lung cancer patients, their families and carers with reliable and up to date information, with support and advocacy, no matter who they are and where they live.


The LCNA works to:

INFORM We develop and distribute free, reliable and up to date resources  designed to meet the needs of lung cancer patients and their families. We work to raise the profile of lung cancer in the community as part of promoting lung health as a priority for all Australians.

CONNECT We encourage patients and their families to connect with one another through telephone and face to face support groups, our on line forum, and other web-based technologies so that they might share experiences and offer one another hope, support and understanding – from anywhere in Australia.

EMPOWER We encourage patients and their families to be proactive in their ongoing treatment and care and establish strong relationships with their GP and members of their treatment team so that they can access the best multi disciplinary care and the right treatment at the right time.

REPRESENT We work in partnership with other cancer organisations and health organisations to develop or update patient resources, guidelines for health care professional and to educate the community on the possible symptoms of lung cancer so that early detection will take place. We look for opportunities to advocate to government for better outcomes for Australians living with lung cancer including more research funding and a commitment to early detection and screening.

FUNDRAISE We encourage people to participate in fundraising activities and donate to LCNA lung cancer fundraising initiatives.