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Event + Fundraising Ideas


Your Shine a Light event can be as small or as big as you like, and here are some ideas to get you started.

Let us know about your Shine a Light on lung cancer event by contacting Kerrie Callaghan on 07 3251 3641 or email kerrie@lungfoundation.com.au.


Everyone loves a sausage sizzle! And whether you host it at a park, a beach or your home, it’s a great way to get friends and families together. Tell your local butcher about your event and ask if they would be willing to provide the sausages at cost price in return for mentioning them on social media and putting up their sign at your event. Ask them about the possibility of donating a meat tray to raffle off for fundraising at your event.

You may need:
– BBQ tools
– Napkins
– Paper plates (optional)
– Sausages
– Bread
– Onions
– Sauces (tomato/mustard)
– Oil
– Rubbish bin facilities



A morning tea can be a simple and informal way of hosting an event and can be done in the convenience of your own home (exclusive for just a few people or as an open house), an outdoor space, or why not even gather your workmates and get them involved to host one at your work, inviting colleagues to take a break, and set it up in a meeting room or the office kitchen.

– Make it a dress-up
– Host a bake-off and assign a couple of tasting judges, with a winning prize for the tastiest treat
– Make it an ‘international’ event – with tea and coffees from around the world
– Host a ‘High Tea’ with cucumber sandwiches and mini treats
– Ask your guests to help out by bringing something on the day

You may need:
– Plenty of tea + coffee, milk + sugar
– Extra coffee mugs, or disposable coffee cups
– Party decorations – colorful platters, balloons, streamers, cake stands and bunting can all help set the scene.



A group walk is one of the easiest types of events you can host – here are some considerations:
– Choose a picturesque location
– Set a walking timeframe
– Choose a route that is stroller friendly
– Have a back up day in case of weather
– Warm up and cool down by doing some stretches
– Remind your participants to bring water and stay hydrated
– Celebrate your walk with a breakfast or a coffee after



Here are some ideas to get you started:

– Set a date and location
– Send an invitation (email, sms, or set up a Facebook event)
– Ask people to get involved
– Setup your fundraising page and include the link in your invitation, in case people aren’t able to attend, but still want to contribute
– Promote your event. Post your invitation on your social media with a link back to your fundraising page.
– Put up posters at your work or school
– Tell your local media of your event – they may be interested if you are hosting it at an iconic venue/location, or may like to help by sharing your story and promoting your event. We can help you draft a Media Release, please contact Laura Guthrie on 07 3251 3644 or email laura@lungfoundation.com.au

For more information about organising an event, download the pdf below:



In addition to your fundraising page, here are some tips for raising money at your event:
Approach local business for support and sponsorship to donate raffle & auction prizes (like a meat tray, flower bouquet or hamper)

  • Ask for support from your work, or school whether it is simply putting up a poster, or contributing to your raffle, auction, or donation support
  • Sell raffle tickets before and at your event
  • Host a silent auction table at your event
  • Have a donation box for people that may like to contribute cash on the day
  • Remind people they can donate even if they can’t attend your event
  • Thank everyone for their donations and let them know how much you have raised with their help. Ask them to share your fundraising page if they would like to help further.