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Patient Resources

To help explain lung cancer to your family, friends, colleagues and other people you know, we have developed a suite of patient resources that you can order or simply download from this site.

– Lung Cancer Care Pathway

– Lung Cancer Support Nurse

– Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Teams

– Better Living with lung cancer patient guide


DVDLung Cancer DVD – “Understanding, Managing, Living”

This DVD looks at what happens when a person is diagnosed with lung cancer through to available treatments, living with cancer and life after treatment.

It provides expert medical information from a team of health professionals involved in caring for people with lung cancer, as well as experiences from people living with lung cancer.

If you or someone you love has lung cancer this DVD may help you understand and make sense of what is happening, and what others have experienced.

This DVD has been produced by Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre with the support of Lung Foundation Australia.

It contains information split into 21 short chapters.

See DVD and chapters here…

Printed Material

  • Patient Guide – Better living with lung cancer
  • Lung Cancer Network Australia brochure
  • Lung cancer brochure
  • Answering Your Questions About Lung Cancer brochure
  • Lung cancer awareness pin on card
  • Lung cancer symptoms and risks poster

See printed material here…

Translated Resources

This LOTE for Lung Cancer project is a Cancer Australia initiative, funded by the Australian Government. The following resources were developed by Lung Foundation Australia in collaboration with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Read more…

Online information

Quitnow  Phone 137 848

For information and strategies on how to give up smoking, please go Quitnow 


Patient Support Groups

A support group is a collective of people sharing common interests and experiences, in this case, people with a lung cancer and their carers/families. It provides an environment to share information, support one another and discuss ways to cope with the challenges of living with lung cancer. Read more…

Lung Cancer Telephone Support Group – Patient & Carer Groups

If you are a lung cancer patient or carer who would like to connect with other people in a similar situation, we invite you to participate in Lung Foundation Australia’s Telephone Support Groups.  These groups started in January 2011.

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