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Choosing Treatment Options

For someone who has been recently diagnosed with lung cancer, it is often difficult to take in that news plus make decisions about which treatment to have. The doctor and other healthcare professionals will be able to discuss this with the individual patient and their carers, and fully explain which treatment(s) may be most appropriate for the current stage and type of lung cancer.

Some questions to ask your treating doctor when deciding on treatment options:

  • What type of lung cancer and what stage is it at?
  • What is the expected outcome (“prognosis”) of the lung cancer?
  • Will the benefits of treatment outweigh any side effects?
  • Will treatment help decrease pain and improve the quality of daily living?
  • Is the aim of a particular treatment to reduce the size of the tumour and/or treat the symptoms and/or decrease pain?

It may be useful to have someone with you when treatment options are being explained by the doctor, or to make notes during the discussion. This will help ensure the information is clearly understood before making a decision about treatment.

Your doctor and/or healthcare professionals will be able to discuss treatment options in detail, so sufficient information is given to enable you to make an informed decision on what treatment to have.

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