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Lung Foundation Australia established Lung Cancer Network Australia to empower people living with lung cancer, their families and carers with reliable and up-to-date information, support and advocacy, no matter who they are and where they live. Lung Foundation Australia is the only national charity dedicated to supporting anyone with a lung disease – Find out more about Lung Foundation Australia.

Kylie with dog

The idea of the Lung Cancer Network was inspired by Kylie Johnston – a young, fit 27 year old woman, who was diagnosed with advanced non small cell lung cancer in May 2003.

Kylie and her husband,  Nick, devoted time, energy and passion to raising awareness around lung cancer in the general community.  Kylie worked with the Lung Foundation to identify gaps in providing patients, carers and families with reliable information, support and hope.

Kylie passed away on 9th November 2007 after a four and a half year battle with lung cancer.

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