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Shine a light on lung cancer
Lung Cancer Awareness Month, November 2017

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Help us shine a light on lung cancer and raise  funds for more lung cancer research.

Other ways to get involved:

Lung Cancer Network is Lung Foundation Australia’s national lung cancer patient/carer initiative. We rely on funds raised through peer-to-peer fundraising, individual and corporate donations, events and bequests. We receive no ongoing government funding for our core activities.

Funds raised for Lung Cancer Network Australia go directly to lung cancer patient/carer support and resources and facilitating research. We deliver patient education seminars and webinars to improve the quality of life of lung cancer patients and awareness events to raise the profile of lung cancer in our community.

Lung Cancer Network Australia focuses on:

  • providing reliable information and support to those affected by lung cancer through our Free call 1800 654 301, our Lung Cancer Support Nurse and our telephone support groups and webinars.
  • raising much needed funds for research
  • advocating to our Government for lung cancer patients, families and carers

In particular, we are determined to raise public awareness of the inequities in research funding allocated to lung cancer. The latest figures confirm less than 5 per cent of research funding is allocated to lung cancer research – yet lung cancer is Australia’s biggest cancer killer!

Recent advances in lung cancer screening, early detection and treatments are providing hope for patients and their families that have never existed before in the field of lung cancer. More research is needed to fight this disease and find a cure.

There are a number of ways you can get involved and help:


Get involved and help the Lung Cancer Network to continue to support and empower lung cancer patients, their families and carers.