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Shine A Light Fundraising

In Australia, the stigma surrounding lung disease has a devastating impact on the level of funding, research and support available to people living with lung cancer.

Lung Foundation Australia works tirelessly to help fill this gap, with support for research remaining one of our critical priorities.

Set up a fundraising page

Set up a fundraising page via Everyday Hero as a tribute to a loved one who is living with lung cancer, or as a way of getting involved and helping us continue to support and empower lung cancer patients, their families and carers. Click here.

Every dollar raised goes towards lung cancer research. Please share your fundraising page with your community of family and friends.

Tips for setting up your fundraising page

Fundraise before, during and after your Shine a Light event. Here are 5 easy steps for helping you to get the most out of your fundraising page.

1) Tell Your Story: Upload photos to your page to make the look of it suit your event and write a little bit about why you are hosting your Shine a Light event.

2) Why fundraise? Give people some background information about why you are fundraising and tell them how their donation will make a difference. For example: Every dollar raised from this campaign will be invested in local lung cancer research.

Here are some statistics which you can use on your page:

  • Lung cancer kills more Australians than breast, prostate and ovarian cancers combined.
  • 25 people die each day from lung cancer.
  • Approximately 12,500 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017.
  • 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men diagnosed with lung cancer will have never smoked.
  • We need funds to facilitate research to find better outcomes for those diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • Less than 5% of research funding is allocated to lung cancer research – yet lung cancer is Australia’s biggest cancer killer.

3) Ask people to join your event: List the details of your event, ask people to save the date, and encourage participation.

4) Ask people to share: Whether or not they are able to donate, or attend your event, invite people to share your Everyday Hero page on their social media with their friends, family and colleagues.

5) Allow anonymity: Allow people to make anonymous donations.

2015/16 Shine a Light on Lung Cancer fundraising

A suite of lung cancer research initiatives have been made possible by the community’s fundraising efforts through our Shine a Light on Lung Cancer supporters.

Over the past two years, supporters have raised over $110,000 which will be invested into research to help improve outcomes for those diagnosed with lung cancer.

How we have allocated these funds:

The $110,000 raised over the past two years through Shine a Light on Lung Cancer events has been allocated to the following two initiatives:

  • $50,000 has been invested to support Australasian Lung Cancer Trials Group (ALTG) studies and help researchers develop their lung cancer research ideas to a point where they can attract additional external funding.
  • $60,000 will be leveraged to support a three year PhD Scholarship in Lung Cancer Research ($20,000 per year).

 Find out more, click here.