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Lung Cancer Connect Webinar Series

Lung Foundation Australia’s free webinar series, Lung Cancer Connect, provides patients, carers, family and friends, as well as interested health professionals, with information, advice and support about living with lung cancer. Participants are able to watch the webinar live and ask questions from the comfort of their home.

The webinar series consists of six webinars, which will be hosted by Lung Foundation Australia’s Lung Cancer Support Nurse, Claire Mulvihill.

Claire Mulvihill – Lung Cancer Support Nurse, Lung Foundation Australia

Claire Mulvihill has over 24 years’ experience as a nurse working within intensive care, oncology and palliative care. Claire joined Lung Foundation Australia in July 2015 bringing experience from a number of hospitals, particularly Flinders Medical Centre where Claire worked as the Lung Cancer Nurse Coordinator and assisted in developing the Rapid Access Lung Cancer Clinic. Claire’s role is to provide support and information as well as advocate for patients and carers living with lung cancer.

Upcoming webinar

Topic: Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer Discussed

Date: 12 June 2018

Time: 5.30pm – 6.30pm AEST

Presenters: Helen Westman (Immuno-Oncology Cancer Nurse Coordinator) & Prof. Stephen Clarke (Medical oncologist, pharmacologist and translational researcher)

Previous webinars


We want to hear from you

If there is a topic you’d like to hear more about please let us know by emailing enquiries@lungfoundation.com.au. Topics that are requested by three or more people will be considered for future webinars.

The Lung Cancer Connect project is a Cancer Australia Supporting people with cancer Grant initiative, funded by the Australian Government.