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“With every Breath”

When Matthew Pusey, a life time never smoker, was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer by “chance” in September 2005
at the age of 30 years he felt angry. He courageously managed to convert his anger and fear into a driving determination to travel
the world and document his journey with lung cancer through photography.

Over the last three years, Matthew became a passionate consumer advocate with a commitment to promoting lung
cancer awareness and reducing the associated stigmatism that comes with the diagnosis.

Since he was diagnosed, Matthew managed to travel to 23 countries throughout the world and took soulful photographic
images that celebrated life.

Living and travelling with lung cancer, Matthew also managed to commit a lot of time and emotional energy to providing other
lung cancer patients and their carers with hope and support via an on line forum.

Despite exhausting all treatment options available to him, Matthew’s health deteriorated in November 2008.

Yet, he was determined to stage his first Photographic Exhibition in Melbourne to raise funds for the Kylie Johnston Lung
ancer Network.

From his hospital bed in The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac), Matt and his partner Cheryl Low organized the
entire exhibition using his laptop to communicate with the gallery manager, printing company and a good friend and
graphic designer who did pro bono work for the exhibition.

Matthew even managed to conduct media interviews to promote the exhibition approximately 12 hours before he passed away. (Refer The Age story November 16 2008, Page 2)

Sadly, Matthew Pusey passed away on November 16 – four days before his exhibition opening. Matthew’s devoted parents
Sue and Peter Pusey and loving partner Cheryl supported his wish to go ahead with the exhibition.

His moving Photographic Exhibition “With every Breath” documented his courageous journey living and travelling with lung
cancer. It was standing room only on opening night as friends, family members and Peter Mac Cancer Centre staff gathered
to take in Matt’s unique and humane snapshots of the world.

Photographic images from Kiribati to Kuala Lumpur and New York City were on show and all entry fees and door sales
were donated to The Kylie Johnston Lung Cancer Network. More than $6000 was raised from the exhibition and a further
$1003 was donated by generous family and loved ones at his funeral.

In his last interview to promote his exhibition, Matthew said “we need more money for research into this type of lung
cancer because a lot of good young people are dying”. In his short life, Matthew unselfishly helped many lung cancer patients
and their carers and gave a brave voice and heart to help raise the profile of lung cancer in Australia .

He succeeded in leaving a legacy the way he wanted to and is deeply missed by his parents Sue and Peter Pusey, his brothers,
Warren and Richard, his partner Cheryl Low and his community of friends around the world.