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Quitting Smoking Tips

Facts About Quitting Smoking

The information contained in this section was sourced from the The Cancer Council Victoria “Quit Victoria”
website: www.quit.org.au (see links)

When a person quits smoking, the benefits can be seen almost immediately and increase in quality and quantity over time.

12 hours after quitting:

  • Nearly all the nicotine is out of your body

24 hours after quitting:

  • Carbon monoxide levels in the blood decrease to normal range
  • Oxygen levels in the blood increase to normal range

5 days after quitting:

  • Most nicotine by-products have left your body

Within days after quitting:

  • Smell and taste starts to return to normal

One month after quitting:

  • Blood pressure returns to normal
  • Immune system starts to recover

2 months after quitting:

  • Decreased (smoker’s) cough, sinus congestion, tiredness, shortness of breath

1 year after quitting:

  • Risk of coronary heart disease is decreased by half, compared to that of a smoker’s

10 years after quitting:

  • Lung cancer risk is decreased to half that of a smoker’s

15 years after quitting:

  • Risk of coronary heart disease, such as heart attack and stroke, is now almost the same as people who have never been smokers