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Shining a light on lung cancer

OToole_PhotoTwo young girls spoke at our Lunch for Lungs event and were published by the ABC in ‘The Drum’. We thank the ABC for highlighting this story which unfortunately is far too common. Christie and Chloe O’Toole delivered the speech as part of Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

“On Friday the 17thof July 2009 life, as our family knew it, irrevocably changed. We will never forget the visibly broken expression on my dad’s face that morning. Our hearts began to race as we witnessed for the very first time, tears roll down his cheeks. ‘Its bad news’, he said.

Our Mum, Jenny, had been complaining of a tight chest and shortness of breath to our supposedly trusted doctor for almost two years. Aside from one appointment in which she was told she had reflux, mum was laughed at and waved away for even thinking something was wrong.”

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