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Angela’s story

Angela (right) pictured with her sister, Olivia.

Angela (right) with her sister, Olivia.

Angela’s story (written by Angela after her diagnosis in 2016)

I am 33 year old single mother with two children aged 7 and 12 years.  Three weeks ago, I found out I have stage 4 lung cancer. There is no cure at this present time. I have spent weeks in hospital away from kids. I can no longer work and the kids and I have had to move into my mum’s so I can have assistance with basic everyday tasks like cooking dinner, making the bed and most of all, helping me to care for my children.

My mother works full time as she has not yet retired and at the age of 63 has had to take on the responsibility of not only looking after her unwell daughter (me) but also two very energetic grandchildren. I still don’t know if there is help available for her to help me.

The more I search the internet about lung cancer, the more I realise that it really doesn’t have a fancy face like the Breast Cancer Foundations.  I want that to change.  I want a cure. I want to see my children grow into women and become parents.  I want to see them on their formal nights and graduation nights.  I want to be beside them at their weddings. I have faith that I will survive this if we can raise awareness and funds needed for researchers to find a cure for lung cancer.

Lung cancer doesn’t discriminate – it could be your mother, wife, sister or daughter having to go through something similar one day.  You would want a cure just as much as I so desperately do now.

Sadly Angela passed away 12 weeks after diagnosis from this extremely aggressive Non Small Cell Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer.  She lost her battle against this disease. She experienced very little to no symptoms and as soon as a symptom showed it was already at stage 4. Angela fought very hard but just could not beat it and has now sadly left two young daughters behind.