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Life changes in a breath

On top of the world 

I am a reasonably fit 53 year old woman who was born in the Philippines and moved to Australia in 1987. I am married and have two beautiful daughters in their 20’s which I raised at the time as a single mum. Since 2011, I have been operating my own accounting practice and in more recent years my passion for numbers and entrepreneurial spirit has led me to establish a number of successful businesses.

Health and fitness has always been important to me throughout my life, particularly between 2004 and 2008 when I was a business partner of two Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs in Queensland. Throughout 2015 and 2016, whilst I was busy establishing my businesses, I started to experience fatigue and occasional chest, neck and shoulder pain.  To manage my fatigue and pain I started to have regular massages and a quarterly injection of Vitamin B and I believed that this would resolve my symptoms.

In October 2016, despite my busy schedule, I booked in a doctor’s appointment to have my heart checked as I was still experiencing occasional chest pain.

Life changes in a breath

I had no clue that my LUNG (left) was responsible for these combined symptoms! Fatique, chest, neck and shoulder pain. My life changed in just one breath when my Doctor diagnosed me with advanced lung cancer that was INOPERABLEINCURABLE and TERMINAL. I will always remember the pain and tears from my husband’s face as well as my daughters and my close friends. Like many other people this was not the first time that my life was impacted by CANCER.  In 2003 my husband was diagnosed with leukemia. Fortunately for us he was diagnosed at an early stage and he now lives a normal healthy and active lifestyle thanks to the “magic pill” which his doctors have prescribed him.

Unfortunately for me, and others in the same situation as me, my “magic pill” to cure my cancer is still to be invented.  My life will be from treatment to treatment with the hope that lung cancer research will continue to provide me with new treatment options. My oncologist said my life will be short. It may be short but I intend to make it sweet! (Short and Sweet!).

I now live with the hope that new medical advancements will be made and that within my lifetime another “magic pill” will be developed to make my life a lot longer than expected if not totally cure it. Fingers crossed!

My new life

My full time job now is to look after myself and to be an advocate for Lung Cancer.   I would like to support Lung Foundation Australia in their mission to lobby the Australian government for more funding for the biggest cancer killer in Australia. I have always planned to do charity work when I retire and I guess it came sooner than expected. I have created a Facebook support page called LUNG CANCER AWARENESS GOLD COAST with the hope of providing support for other cancer patients and their families. The site also allows me to share my journey with  my family and friends who have been my greatest support in my new life of living with cancer.

I am determined to make the community aware of the devastating nature of this disease. Lung cancer can happen to people who have NEVER smoked in their life.